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AUGUST 17-25, 2018

The Wilson County Fair!

New Expo Center Takes Wilson County Fair to Another Level

The new Expo Center at the James E. Ward Ag Center will take the 2017 Wilson County Fair on August 18th through 26th to a new level.  The Center will be the home of the Competitive Exhibits which include non-perishable entries in Adult Home Economics, Fine Arts - Adult, Photography - Adults, Stained Glass, Baking, Farm Crop Entries, School Exhibits, and Egg Contest.  The Youth Exhibits will now have a new home in the East/West Building which will allow them space to grown.  The flowers and roses will also have a new home In the Arnett Education Building.

The new Expo Center will also be the home of all the Pageants for the 2017 Wilson County Fair as well as God and Country Day.  The new Expo Center will benefit the people of Wilson County during the fair as all events that will be in it will be limited to Wilson County Residents.  The Expo Center will also feature Hometown USA during the fair that will be an outstanding display that you don’t want to miss.  For more information visit wilsoncountyfair.net or call 615-443-2626.  Fair catalogs are now available at local Banks, Chamber of Commerce and Fair Office.

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