Fiddlers Grove
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Step back in time as you stroll through the Grove and experience life in a typical early village where people lived in a one-room log cabin, were educated in a one-room school and worshiped in a small quaint church!

Visit a blacksmith’s shop where cooking utensils and farm equipment were made, or visit a doctor’s office and see the buggy that was used to make house calls to those in need far and wide. Step inside Sam Houston’s law office and visualize Houston sitting at his desk in front of the fireplace. View an old cobbler’s shop, see a 1700’s log cabin a grist mill, funeral home, sheriff’s office, jail, drug store, post office, hardware store, barber shop, service station, radio station, sawmill and so much more! You will also find a telephone museum, electric museum, and Century Farm Museum.

Before you leave, visit the old General Store for a cold drink, relax in a rocking chair on the front porch, and be sure to pick up a souvenir to remember your visit! There are fifty plus buildings that represent the entire Wilson County area and each building has a unique story!

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Fiddlers Grove Foundation Mission:

“To preserve the history of the citizens of Wilson County, Tennessee.This will be done by preserving buildings, artifacts, oral and written histories, with a focus on Wilson County’s agricultural life both past and present.We will engage the public through preservation, interpretation, exhibitions, education, publications, and hands on experiences to increase a better understanding of Wilson County, its people, and its way of life.”
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