**NEW** Mutton Busting
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**NEW** Don’t miss this extreme sport!

Location: Inside Purple Gate

Details: Mutton Busting challenges kids 4-7 years old and any weighing
less than 60 pounds to ride a sheep for six seconds. Sheep are released
from a chute, just like a bull riding competition, and take the rider to
the other side of the arena. It's tough to hold on! If successful, they
receive a score like a bull rider and have a chance to compete in the
Championship round, which includes prize money, buckles and trophies!

The young riders are taught the value of safety, confidence and sportsmanship,
all while having a great time! This is sure to be one show that
the entire family can enjoy as they experience all of the entertainment
and thrills of the “toughest sport on wool!”

Up to 6 shows per day! Parents can register their kids for $10 per child
onsite, but be sure to arrive early as spots fill up fast! Registration
opens one hour before the show starts.
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