**NEW** Mutton Busting
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**NEW** Mutton Busting

Mutton Busting 2019

Presented by Wool Riders Only (A Tommy G. Production)

Dates: August 16-24, 2019

Location: Inside Purple Gate

Registration Fee: $10 per child, per ride and is non-refundable


Boys and girls, three to six years old, weighing less than 60 lbs. try to ride a sheep for a full six seconds.If riders make it six seconds they get a score just like a bull rider would.Highest score of the round wins.If no rider makes it the full six seconds, whoever rode the longest wins that round.

Multiple performances (called go-rounds) per day will be held throughout the fair.Winners for each go-round are invited back to the Championship Round which will be held during the final performance of the fair.The child that is determined to be the winner of the Championship Round will represent the title of fair champion and will receive a custom trophy buckle.


1. Children are registered on a first come, first served basis

2. Each child must be registered by a parent or legal guardian

3. Registration takes place at the Wool Riders Only merchandise trailer located next to the mutton busting arena inside the Purple Gate

4. Every child will be asked to weigh in during the registration process.Children must weigh less than 60 pounds to participate.

5. Helmets and rider protection vests are required and are provided by Tommy G Productions

6. No ropes or spurs are allowed

7. Chaps may be worn

8. The minimum age to ride is three years old, however, we reserve the right to “lift off” any child that weighs under 25lbs so that they get the experience of riding the sheep without hitting the ground

Prizes & Awards:

1. Every child that experiences Wool Riders Only takes home temporary tattoos and a participation ribbon

2. Medals are awarded in each performance first through third place

3. Winner of the Championship round receives a custom trophy buckle and other prizes are awarded to Championship Round finalists through fifth place.

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