*NEW* Fabric Face Mask Competition
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*NEW* Fabric Face Mask Competition

Date: August 12-21
Where: Expo Center in the South Hall
The Made in Tennessee State Fair Adult and Youth Exhibits will be for 1st Place and Best of Show Winners ONLY that have won at their Tennessee County fairs (Tennessee Residents Only). For example, the 2021 1st Place and Best of Show Winners will be able to enter and compete for State Championship Awards with their 2021 county level competition winning entry at the 2022 State Fair.

Downloadable Instructions for Homemade Face Mask

Information for Competitors

Chairperson: Frances Baker, 615-444-4063
Advisor: Shelly Barnes, FCS Extension Agent, 615-444-9584, sbarnes@utk.edu

Sponsored by: Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital

Make a sewn fabric face mask that will be donated to Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital after the Fair. Face masks will be on exhibit during the Wilson County Fair in the Expo Center (South Hall).

Entries will be taken at the Expo Center on Saturday, August 7 from 10am-3pm.

Competition Rules:
1. Each face mask must follow pattern and material requirements set by Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital.
2. Fabric shall be tightly woven quilters cotton and washed before assembly to accommodate for shrinkage.
3. Elastic or fabric ties may be used.
4. No person may enter more than one exhibit in any one lot (exception is Lot 5 & Lot 6).
5. All face masks will be donated to Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital after Fair.
6. No commercially made face masks will be accepted.
7. Face masks with filter pockets or filters will not be accepted.
8. Face masks that do not follow the approved pattern, will not be accepted.

Premiums for Lots 1-4:
1st ~ $12 2nd ~ $9 3rd ~ $7
*Lots 5 & 6 will be awarded a monetary gift

Division I: Fabric Face Mask

Lot 1: Face Mask made with Elastic
Lot 2: Face Mask made with Fabric Ties
Lot 3: Face Mask with Most Unique Fabric
Lot 4: Face Masks with Fair Themed Fabric
Lot 5: Most donated Face Masks by an individual*
Lot 6: Most donated Face Masks by a club*
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