Robot Roundup
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Robot Roundup

Robot Roundup

Robots may be designed and built by individual or teams. The robot must function as an autonomous vehicle able to navigate a small obstacle course, except for the 11 and under age bracket who can use remote control. A successful run is one where the vehicle navigates from a starting line around 4 waypoints to a finish line within 5 minutes.Bonus points may be awarded if bots can complete special tasks during the run. Contestants can earn bonus points even if they are unable to complete the run during the time limit.

Rules and Course Design

  • Bots can be no larger than 24 in. x 24 in. x 24 in. Since bots will not be in contact with other contestants, weight is not restricted.Robots that cannot meet the size limitation during the check-in period will not be allowed to participate due to limited venue space.
  • The bots for ages brackets 12 and up must be fully autonomous and self-contained.No transmitters or communication beacons (other than GPS) of any kind are allowed. You may NOT tether to a laptop or other device.Everything necessary for the vehicle’s navigation/processing/sensing must be attached and part of the vehicle itself. For the 11 and under age bracket, robots may be remote controlled but not tethered.
  • In addition to the size limitation failure to adhere to the following guidelines will result in disqualification:
      • Mechanical: Robots must be purely mechanical. No use of fluids, chemical, etc. (aside from the batteries used to power the robot)
      • Dangerous: The robots must not contain parts that might be dangerous if the robot is picked up. No edges or functions that could damage another robot or injure a bystander!
      • Operation: The robot must not operate in a way that will have a significant chance of damaging another robot or bystander.
      • Interference: The robot must not interfere with the operation of other robots.
      • Other constraints: No robot shall be at odds with the intent of good sportsmanship.
      • The Head Judge’s decision is final. If you have a concern with some element of your robot, you may request a preliminary ruling prior to the start time of the event so that adjustments may be made during the check-in period.
  • Teams/Individuals are expected to make all the necessary measurements, adjustments and sensor readings before the event starts. If you need to wait for GPS lock or a setup routine, you will need to do this before the run starts. If you are not ready to bring your robot to the starting line when called you will forfeit your run. There will be two rounds and competitors will be called in the same order for both rounds allowing time for repairs or adjustments between runs.
  • Allowances for unforeseen delays will be taken into account, but will be up to the contest judges. Please notify the judge immediately if you have an issue that prevents you from competing on schedule (repairs, bad code, gremlins, or dead batteries do not count). Be prepared for anything.
  • Course Layout and Obstacle Breakdown (see picture in right column) -The course will consist of 4 waypoints (yellow stanchions), and apple red corner stanchions. Bonus point obstacles will be in place (marked in green) and an area for demonstrating any unique skill your robot possesses.
  • Scoring – Contestants will run one at a time. You will place your robot anywhere behind the start/finish line.Time will begin when bot crosses the line.Time-based points start at 300 and are deducted (1 per second) until the run is completed. You cannot get negative points for time.Time points only count if you are able to complete the course in the 5-minute limit.

Bonus Points:

50 – Conquering the obstacle

50 – Demonstration of a Unique Skill

25 – For each successful corner cleared (not just reached)

The Team/Individual with the highest score will be awarded TOP BOT.Ties will be broken by judges' decision based on:

Inventive/Creative Design
Mechanical Complexity
Electrical Complexity
Programming Complexity

Course Layout & Obstacle Breakdown

Robot Roundup Registration Form


Trophy for TOP BOT
1st ~ $100 (in each age group)
2nd ~ $75 (in each age group)
3rd ~ $50 (in each age group)
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