Robotic Challenge
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Robotic Challenge

Robotics Challenge

2019 will be the inaugural year for the STEM ROBOTICS CHALLENGE sponsored by Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation.

Beginning at 10:00 a.m. and throughout the morning, we will have robotics activities and games for children ages 4 to 11 and fairgoers of all ages with special needs. Robots will be provided for these games as well as all the directions needed to play.There is no entry fee for this event and prize ribbons will be given for each event.

At Noon we will begin check-in for the SUMO-Lego® Mindstorm Robot Challenge for ages 12 through Adult.Participants/Teams must bring their own Lego® Mindstorm Robot and there is an entry fee of $25. There is more extensive information and a preregistration form available online at We will have two rounds of competition: first will be a round robin and the second will be an elimination round.We have three age categories for this event.If a robot is entered by a team, the age category is based on the age of the oldest team member. Prizes range from $75 to $250!

At 4:00 p.m. we will begin Check-in for our Robot Roundup. This is a competition for individuals or teams (no age restrictions).Entries may be any type of autonomous robot that is able to navigate a small obstacle course. There is more extensive information and a preregistration form available online at The Entry fee is $10. There will be one TOP BOT award given as well as prizes for the Best Inventive Design, Best Mechanical Complexity, Best Electrical Complexity and Best Programming Complexity.

We want to thank the Middle Tennessee State University STEM Innovation Hub for doing the officiating and judging of this event!

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