Side by Side Cruise In & Rodeo (Barrel & Poles)
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Side by Side Cruise In & Rodeo (Barrel & Poles)

Date of Show: Thursday, August 22, 2019
Time of Show: 6:30 pm
Location: Motor Sports Arena

Information for Competitors

Chairman: Sherman Kellow / Michael Holbrook


Participant Entrance: Tennessee Boulevard Gate

Register at the Event

Registration is 4pm-6pm

Registration Fee is $30.00 per driver required (Cash Only)

Limited to 100 Participants

Printable Registration Forms & Release Agreement Available Below (Please bring to the event filled out and signed)

Qualifiers and Main Event will consist of 3 laps, participants to run twice, lap times will be averaged and top three from each class


899 and Under

Money Class
Winner Take All
$200 and Entry Fee

For Each Class

1st – $200 and trophy

2nd - $100 and trophy
3rd - Trophy

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