Adult Hay & Field Crops
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Adult Hay & Field Crops

Date of Show: August 16-24
Time of Show: Open during Fair hours
Location: Rowland Barn in Fiddlers Grove (see map below)


Open Only to Wilson County Farmers, age 18 years of age and over
(Youth entries will be entered in the Youth Hay and Field Crops division)

Show Chairman: Tom Bobo
County Ext. Director & Ag Agent: Ruth Correll, 615-444-9584

Sponsored by Wilson County Co-op

Hay Entries: Pre-entry of all hay is required. Pre-enter by calling the chairman, Tom Bobo, 615-504-3694 or or Ruth Correll, 615-444-9584 before August 10. Hay will be collected by Ruth Correll at the farm.
No hay entries will be taken after August 12.

Field Crop Entries (corn and soybeans) will be accepted Thursday, August 15, from 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Rowland Barn in Fiddlers Grove.

General Rules for all Hay and Field Crops Entries:
1. All exhibits must be grown on a Wilson County farm by a Wilson County resident 18 years of age or older.
2. Only one entry per person per lot.
3. Premiums will be paid and exhibits removed on Sunday, August 25, by 3:00 p.m.
Entries not removed by 3:00 p.m. will be disposed of at the discretion of the show chairman.

Class 1 - Hay
(only one entry per person per lot –may be from either a square or round bale)

Premiums: 1st–$30.00 • 2nd–$25.00 • 3rd–$15.00 •
4th thru 10th–$10.00

1. Please schedule a date with the UT Extension Agricultural Agent by August 10 to collect your hay samples. Physical aspects will include leafiness, maturity, odor, color, cleanness and texture.
2. Entries must be composed of forage which has been cut, cured, baled and stored in barn or covered in Wilson County.

Lot 1. Legumes other than clover - alfalfa/lespedeza
Lot 2. Cool season perennials (tall fescue, orchard grass, etc.)
Lot 3. Warm season perennials (Bermuda grass, etc.)
Lot 4. Cool season – annuals (wheat, oats, etc.)
Lot 5. Warm season – annuals (sorghum sudan, teff, crabgrass)
Lot 6. Mixed grass/legume combination

Class 2 - Field Corn
Lot 1 & 2 Premiums:
1st - $30.00 • 2nd - $25.00 • 3rd - $20.00

Lot 3 & 4 Premiums:
1st - $20.00 • 2nd - $15.00 • 3rd - $10.00

Lot 1. Five ears of Hybrid Yellow (Shuck/Silks removed)
Lot 2. Heirloom Corn (Shuck/Silks removed)
Lot 3. Tallest Stalk of Corn (Length)
Lot 4. Longest Ear of Corn (Length)

Class 3 - Soybeans
Premiums: 1st - $30.00 • 2nd - $25.00 • 3rd - $20.00

1. Whole soybean plants should be tied tightly together.
2. Roots may or may not be removed, but should be free of soil.
3. Please provide plant variety, maturity group and planting date.

Lot 1. Soybeans, a bundle of 10 fresh stems tied in a group.
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