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Rooster Crowing Contest

Date of Contest: August 16, 2020
Time of Contest: 3:00 p.m.
Location: Poultry Barn (see map below)

Can you STRUT your stuff and make the roosters CROW?

Anyone may enter – no age limit.

The person who can make the roosters crow the most times in one minute wins the event!


Winner - $25.00

2nd Place - $15.00

3rd Place - $10.00

Rhode Island Red Head Contest

Date of Contest: August 17, 2020
Time of Contest: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Poultry Barn (see map below)

The person whose hair most closely matches the color of the Rhode Island Red Rooster will win $25 and a picture plaque to commemorate the event.

Prior winners ineligible to win, but encouraged to judge.

Poultry Show

Judges: Gary Overton & Tom Kane

Chairman: Lyndon LaFevers - 615-202-0405

Secretary: Joanne Ashworth - 615-944-1488

Assistants: James Bilbrey, Joyce Bilbrey, Linda Bilbrey, Tony Bilbrey, Jerry Eakes, Wesley Flatt, Cheryl Janes, Jane LaFevers, Lauren LaFevers-Flatt, Logan LaFevers, Reanna LaFevers, Ronnie Davenport, Tina Woodall & Anthony Bilbrey, Chris Bilbrey.

Rules and Regulations

  • All birds must meet health regulations according to State requirements. The chairman reserves the right to refuse any entry. Birds must be blood tested. We can do onsite as entered.
  • Entries will be received on Wednesday, August 13, between noon and 8:00 p.m. You can come in the main gate. Judging will be Saturday, August 15. There is a $1 entry fee per bird.
  • Entries are to remain in place until 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 23 (must be picked up by 2:00 p.m.), unless prior arrangements are made with the chairman.
  • The show is A.B.A. & A.P.A. sanctioned and the classes will be judged by their standards. "Premiums" will be paid to cock, hen, cockerel and pullet as follows:1st - $5.00•2nd - $4.00•3rd - $3.00
  • The Champions of the following will receive a 7x9 picture plaque: Modern Game, Old English, Single Comb Clean Leg, Rose Comb Clean Leg, Any Other Comb Clean Leg, Featherleg, Bantam Duck, Large Fowl, Standard Duck, Goose, Turkey and Pigeon.(Minimum of 10 in class to get Plaque.)
  • Each Best of Breed and Reserve of Breed will receive a rosette. Ribbons will be given for all entries. Non-recognized breeds or varieties will compete for ribbons ONLY.
  • The Champion Bantam, Large Fowl and Waterfowl will receive an 8x10 picture plaque plus $5.00. (Only one plaque per winning entry/all awards listed.)
  • The Super Grand Champion of the Show will receive a 9x12 picture plaque plus $10.00. The plaques will be personalized during the week and ready to pick up with the birds on Sunday, August 23.
  • Though every precaution will be taken, neither Wilson County Promotions, nor the individuals working the exhibit will be responsible for the loss of any bird or any injury.
  • MAIL ENTRIES MUST be mailed TO THE SECRETARY by August 6, so that cages will be ready for your birds. Entries received after August 6 WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Mail entries to Joanne Ashworth, 6436 Brandy Lane, Lebanon, TN 37090, or e-mail: wcfairpoultry@gmail.com.
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