Junior Market Goat Show
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Junior Market Goat Show

Date of Show: August 17
Time of Show: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Small Animal Barn (Building X) (see map below)


(Enter at Tennessee Blvd. Entrance)

Competition limited to Tennessee 4-H and FFA Members

Pre-entry is required through your local Extension Agent or Agricultural Teacher

Entries are due online and copies to the UT Animal Science Department by July 20.

Entry forms and additional rules can be found at https://ag.tennessee.edu/AnimalScience/4-H/Pages/G...

Entry fee of $7.00 per head MUST be prepaid to the Tennessee 4-H Foundation.

Arrival Time: 9:00 a.m. – Noon

All animals must be on the grounds by Noon.

All Trailers are to enter through the Tennessee Blvd. Entrance.

Chairman: Aaron Fisher

Fair Committee Members: Dan & Lori Major

Special Awards presented by Farm Credit Services


1st - $14 ●2nd - $10 ●3rd - $9 ●4th - $8 ●5th - $6 ●6th – 10th - $5

RULES for 2019

ALL Goats (market and commercial) must the tagged by July 1. Special TJLE ear tags will be supplied by the University of Tennessee Department of Animal Science. Any GOAT (market or commercial) without proper tags will not show. Commercial does will MUST BE tagged with TJLE tag.

Federal Law requires that all goats on exhibition in Tennessee meet USDA regulations as it deals with Scrapie. All goats must have a federally approved scrapie tag permanently attached in its ear or other approved ID. Exhibitors must contact the USDA APHIS office at 615-781-5314 to order their tags. Animals without proper scrapie identifications will not be allowed to exhibit.

1. Competition is limited to Tennessee 4-H and FFA members in good standing in their counties or chapters.

2. 4-H members are required to have been enrolled in the fourth grade on January 1 of the current calendar year in order to be eligible to exhibit their goats in this show. Both 4-H and FFA members will become ineligible at the end of the calendar year following their graduation from high school or upon their 20th birthday, whichever comes first.

3. All entries must be validated and signed by the County Extension Agent or Agricultural Teacher.

4. Entries are due to the local Extension Agent or Agriculture Teacher and must be forwarded to Aaron Fisher, 2506 River Drive, 252 Brehm Animal Science Bldg., Knoxville, TN 37996; phone 865-974-7260. Entry forms and additional rules can be found at https://ag.tennessee.edu/AnimalScience/4-H/Pages/G...

5. Any breed or cross breed of goat can be shown, and all classes will be shown by weight. All goats will be weighed and classified prior to the show and will be divided into classes in their divisions. There is a minimum weight of 30 pounds for all animals showing in this show. After the goat leaves the scale, no reweighs will be made.6..The show will consist of three divisions:

  • Market Goat Division: Wethers or doe kids for slaughter. All market goats are required to have a complete unbroken mouth and kid teeth. Market kids must be castrated (banded or surgically removed, clamping is not allowed). All scrotal tissue is to be removed. Wether kids having one or more adult teeth or exhibiting testicular tissue will be dismissed.
  • Doe Kid Division: Doe kids that are raised for replacement animals. Doe kids must have their milk teeth at weigh-in to show in this division. Those having one or more adult teeth will be moved to the Yearling Doe Division.
  • Yearling Doe Division: These does are raised for replacement animals. Yearling does must have at least one adult tooth, but no more than two sets of adult teeth (four adult teeth) to be eligible to show for champion. Those having five or more teeth will be allowed to show, but will not be eligible for the champion class.
7. Does shown in the market goat classes cannot be shown in the Doe Kid class.

8. No bucks will be allowed in or around the barn area.

9. All goats must be polled, disbudded, or have their horns either tipped or cushioned with a material to help prevent injury to the exhibitor.

10. It is encouraged that Market Kids be uniformly shorn to a hair length of 3/8” or less above the knee and neck joints.

11. All goats must be in the direct control of the youth exhibitor on or before July 1 of the current year. Lease papers must be on file by this date also.

12. Each exhibitor can enter 8 animals for this show. They will be able to show only 5 at the show and NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED

13. Any item that comes up at the show that is not covered by these rules will be decided by the show committee and their decision will be final.

14. Exhibitors must comply with all applicable general livestock rules and livestock requirements set forth in this catalog and in Guidelines and Rules for Tennessee Junior Livestock Shows.

15. Showmanship classes:Pre-4-H; Explorer; Junior; Junior High; Senior Level 1 and Senior Level 2.

16. A special division will be held for FARM BRED goats with division and supreme champions selected. Goats must be entered as “farm bred” on entry forms to be eligible. FARM BRED ownership means that the animal exhibited was produced by dam owned by the exhibitor, his/her parents, guardian or his/her grandparents.

17. A COUNTY GROUP class will be held with five goats from at least three exhibitors to compete.

18. A Skillathon Contest will be held, open to all exhibitors.

No Straw Allowed - Bedding will be provided in the barn. Health Papers should be available for inspection at registration and/or upon request from show committee or TDA inspector. Exhibitor and one driver admitted FREE. All others are required to pay Fair Admission

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