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It’s Fair season in Wilson County!

Starting Friday, August 16th and running through Saturday, August 24th, the nation’s 30th largest Fair will be at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. Since 1853, the Wilson County Fair has been a fun and exciting event for all. As the fair has evolved, it is now a destination for not only local and state attendees, but visitors from across our nation and even the world. Attendance numbers have surpassed a half a million people over the course of the nine-day event. Food, entertainment, competitions and showcases make this an event for all ages. One of the greatest assets that the fair has to offer is the dedicated volunteers, board and committee members, law enforcement, and emergency management entities, that provide for a safe and enjoyable experience.

“Over the years, we’ve had to put a lot of things in place for the protection of the people coming to the Wilson County Fair.We are always concerned about the safety and security of everyone that attends. It is an unfortunate, but necessary task, that we continually strive to improve and implement security measures, considering some of the tragic events that have occurred in the recent and the not too distant past. Through countless hours of planning and preparation, the Wilson County Fair Board and its volunteers, along with the Lebanon Police Department, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, and other emergency management agencies, do everything possible to be ready for any situation that arises. With the advent of an emergency text system, 24 hour video surveillance, 24 hour law enforcement and security personnel on the grounds, and other state of the art technology, we do our best to keep everyone safe.”- Wilson County Fair Board

“With one of the nation's largest Fair…comes a lot of responsibility, given the high volume of fairgoers who attend. We have been preparing for weeks for the Wilson County Fair in order to provide the safest environment possible through strategic planning. We look forward to once again working with the Lebanon Police Department and the Fair Board to provide a safe and exciting atmosphere for everyone who attends."- Sheriff Robert Bryan

“Once again, the Lebanon Police Department will employ all available resources to keep Fairgoers safe. Advanced Technology, ample staffing, and state-of-the-art equipment will be utilized to achieve our goal. All gates, access points and thoroughfares will be manned and monitored 24 hours a day. In addition to uniform and plain clothed officers; K9, Emergency Service Unit Officers, Reserve Officers and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer members will all be on hand to assist. We also partner with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Department of Homeland Security. But most importantly, we want to remind our largest asset, the general public, that “if you see something, say something”. Report any suspicious activity to the nearest law enforcement officer, fairgrounds member, volunteer, or call 615-444-2323, in non-emergency situations.”- Chief Mike Justice

We are excited about all the amazing features of this year’s Wilson County Fair and we invite everyone to come and enjoy all it has to offer. Know that we have committed to and have planned for, a safe, fun and entertaining environment for all who attend.

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