Rose Show

Rose Show

August 19, 2016 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Veterans Building

2016 Wilson County Fairwilson county fair exhibits regsitration

Rose Show

Chairman:  Linda Spencer - 615-444-0578
Co-Chairman:  Regia Moss - 615-979-1105

  1. Register online or all entries must be entered Thursday, August 18, between 2:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  All entries must be presented in person on Thursday, August 18.
  2. No person may enter more than one entry in each lot except Class 21.
  3. Competition open to Wilson County residents and former members of Wilson County Rose Society.
  4. Placements will be made on the decision of the ARS Judges.
  5. Each specimen consists of one bloom to a stem, less side blooms, unless specified as a spray.
  6. Premiums will be paid Sunday, August 28, at 1:00 p.m. and ribbons and awards should be picked up by 2:00 p.m.
  7. All entries should be clean and properly prepared for judging on arrival although assistance will be available. Wedging with Oasis is allowed.
  8. Glassware will be provided until stores are exhausted.

Premiums and Awards
1st - $6   •  2nd - $4   •   3rd - $2
Lot 1-13 - Queen of Show - Rosette and 14 inch Crystal Vase.
Lots 14-21 -  King of Show - Rosette and 14 inch Crystal Vase.
Lots 22-34 - Princess of Show - Rosette and 10 inch Crystal Vase.
Lots 35-37 - Rosette


  1. Hybrid Tea, Medium Red
  2. Hybrid Tea, Dark Red
  3. Hybrid Tea, Light or Med Pink
  4. Hybrid Tea, Dark Pink
  5. Hybrid Tea, Pink Blend
  6. Hybrid Tea, White or White Blend
  7. Hybrid Tea, Orange or Orange Red
  8. Hybrid Tea, Red Blend
  9. Hybrid Tea, Yellow
  10. Hybrid Tea, Yellow Blend
  11. Hybrid Tea, Any Other Blend
  12. Hybrid Tea, Mauve
  13. Hybrid Tea, Full Blown, Stamen may or may not be visible
  14. Grandiflora, Any Color
  15. Grandiflora, Any Blend
  16. Floribunda, Any Color
  17. Floribunda, Any Blend
  18. Grandiflora or Floribunda, Spray - Any Color
  19. Grandiflora or Floribunda, Spray - Any Blend
  20. Grandiflora or Floribunda Spray Full blown, Stamen may or may not be visible.
  21. Junior Challenge Class, Any Rose entered by a person under 18 years of age. One bloom of your best rose. Multiple entries allowed.
  22. Miniature or Miniflora, Red
  23. Miniature or Miniflora, Yellow
  24. Miniature or Miniflora, Pink
  25. Miniature or Miniflora, White or White Blend
  26. Miniature or Miniflora, Orange, Orange Red, Orange Pink
  27. Miniature or Miniflora, Other
  28. Miniature or Miniflora, Pink Blend
  29. Miniature or Miniflora, Red Blend
  30. Miniature or Miniflora, Any Other Blend
  31. Miniature or Miniflora, Full Blown
  32. Miniature Spray, Any Color
  33. Miniature Spray, Any Blend
  34. Most Fragrant Miniature
  35. Most Fragrant Rose, Any other
  36. Climbers or Ramblers
  37. Knock Out Rose