An Eclipse Proposal At Wilson County Fair

Photographer: Lounita Howard - From Sunday's Fiddler Note...

Photographer - Chris Cantwell - From Monday's Fiddlers Note...

A total solar eclipse brought 12,698 people to a viewing party at the fair-grounds Monday with rides, food vendors and buildings opening at 10 a.m.

One couple flew to Nashville from California to view the event. Brooke Newton has been fascinated with astronomy since attending space camp as a child. She was accompanied by boyfriend Ajay Chanayil, who decided the eclipse was the perfect time to “pop the question.” Urging Brooke to put her eclipse glasses back on and take a look at the sun immediately after totality passed, Ajay dropped to one knee and held out his mother’s ring as Brooke, sensing movement, pulled off her glasses and looked down at him. Her hands flew to her mouth as she realized he was proposing marriage and she quickly said, “YES!”

The couple live in Studio City, where Brooke is an actress and producer and Ajay is a lawyer with Netflix.

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