Year of The Watermelon

Year of The Watermelon

Contests are being held daily in celebration of the Year of the Watermelon as the Agricultural Commodity at the Wilson County Fair. The “Watermelon Patch” competition tent is located between the General Store and Town Hall in Fiddlers Grove. Left: Guy Walenga won the adult competi-tion in watermelon carving on Saturday - Photographer - Nikki Hailey

Meet Lincoln, Uncle Sam

Abe Lincoln at The Wilson County Fair - Nikki Hailey

Town Hall, located in the Fiddlers Grove area of the Ag Center grounds, is a great place to visit. Come by and see the folks from the three Chambers of Commerce. You will also see Uncle Sam (at left, Phillip Warren, shown with Helen McPeak) there to shake your hand and have your picture taken with him. You can also try out the new voting machine. Fiddlers Grove is also present telling the history of Wilson County and the Grove as well as having two showcases filled with history and with items made in Wilson County. This year, they have a great display of items from Charlie Daniels. You can try your hand at building a log cabin with Lincoln Logs (above) that have been donated by K’Nex Industries.

Uncle Sam and Helen McPeak wants to see you at the Fair - Photo - Gwen Scott

Photos of Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln submitted by Gwen Scott. From The Fiddlers Note -  Sunday August 21st, 2016 - Edition - Published by Lounita Howard.

Entertaining all ages
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