Welcome To the Midway!

Welcome To the Midway!

Amusements of America has endless fun awaiting you on the midway, as these folks discovered on opening night. In the cover photo: expressions are priceless! This family is having a great time on the Crazy Mouse ride (above):

A family enters the Wilson County Fair on opening night, with dad carrying daughter on his shoulders for a better view.

Welcome to the Midway - photo by Sara Mcmanamy-Johnson

Bottom right: guests take a spin on "Experience" - note the phone in the young women's hands on the right. Are we tweeting? Taking photos? Texting a friend? Regardless, everyone appears to be having a great time!

Welcome to the Midway - photo by Sara Mcmanamy Johnson

Photographer: Sara McManamy-Johnson - From the Fiddlers Note - Saturday August 20th, 2016 Edition - Published Lounita Howard

Year of The Watermelon
2016 Wilson County Fair

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