Are You Hypnotized by the Fair?

Are You Hypnotized by the Fair?

“This you will do for me.” Familiar words to any of the many thousands who have watched Hypnotist Michael Blaine perform at the Wilson County Fair. A popular fixture each August, Michael is back for his 15th year and still drawing standing room only crowds for his shows.

Have you been hypnotized by Michael? If not, you’ve got the chance again this year! He performs multiple shows daily at the stage located behind the Pageant Pavilion adjacent to Fiddlers Grove. Just look for the Lions Club concession building - and you’re there!

Personally, I have tried unsuccessfully a couple of times to “go under.” Michael asked if I had a hard time letting others take control...well, heck yeah! There’s the problem! I still get a big kick out of watching others perform silly acts while hypnotized, even after seeing the show many times. I have several friends who have been hypnotized - and they will tell you, yes, it is real! One friend (who shall remain unnamed) avoids the corner where Michael performs because this person is too susceptible to Michael's power of suggestion, having been hypnotized several times by the talented Mr. Blaine!

Some other great pics from Day 2 at the Wilson County Fair!

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Sunday, 18 March 2018